Sherman Theater Presents

Rootsetters Reggae

Saturday, April 27
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
$15 ADV | $20 DOS

Must be 21+ To Attend
Rootsetters is an original 5 piece Reggae, Dubrock, Jam band based out of Philadelphia. Consisting of five core members: Patrick Lattanze (lead vocals and guitar), Nevin Thomas (drummer), Ras Mykl (bass), Derry J (keys and keytar) and Megan Guiltinan (volcals and percussion). We set out to illuminate people’s minds and stand together for truth, knowledge and love>>>Bringing the battle of Babylon gates. A unique and refined blend of deep roots - dub - rock and improvisation is what you will experience at a Rocksetters show.
Their journey began in June of 2016 when George Wesley and his bandmates, Chris Condel (Drums) and Lion Sanford (Bass/Vocals), were hired to perform at a private birthday party in Negril, Jamaica. Unfortunately, tragedy struck the band when George was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer, leaving him too ill to join his bandmates for their upcoming gig. Despite the setback, Chris and Lion, who had already made all the arrangements, decided to make the journey to Negril with the help of Lion's cousin, Leon Burke, a local Rastafarian musician. Leon was able to gather a group of players and singers to assist them. Coincidentally, Jamie Zaleski (Vocals/Guitar), who was attending the party as a guest of the host, Dave, happened to bring his guitar along. Dave suggested that Jamie join the band for a jam session. Surprisingly, Jamie ended up on the same flight as Chris and Lion and caught a ride with them from the airport to Negril. During their first day on the island, the three musicians began to jam for the villa's employees, and it was evident to everyone listening that they had great chemistry. They continued to play together throughout the week, performing several shows on the island. After a week of music in beautiful Negril, Chris and Lion returned to the United States to find that their friend's battle with cancer was not going well. Sadly, George Henry Wesley I passed away on Tuesday, July 19th, 2016. In December of the same year, George's band decided to organize a tribute night in his honor. They gathered friends and colleagues who had performed with George over the years, and Jamie was invited to sing a few of George's songs during the homage. It was during the rehearsals leading up to the tribute event that the chemistry among the musicians became undeniably real and even more powerful with each performance. One night, over dinner, Chris, Jamie, and Lion discussed the idea of keeping George's legacy alive, along with his message of spreading love through music. They were determined to carry on with George in their hearts and minds. Over the following year, the trio started performing at local music venues and bars in the Northeast Pennsylvania region, gaining traction in the local music scene. During this time, they recruited Brian Green, a childhood friend and former bandmate of Jamie, to join them on guitar. They also added Angelo Miraglia, a former member of The George Wesley Band, on keyboard. Young Lion's unique blend of roots, rock, and reggae was a result of the different playing styles and experiences of its members. Their live performances included improvisation, ensuring that each time they performed, listeners would have a fresh and unique experience.  
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