Sherman Theater Presents

Bob Lauver Comedy

Saturday, March 23
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
$20 ADV
$25 DOS
General Admission

Must Be 21+ To Attend

Watch as Bob invites volunteers from the audience to get hypnotized on stage right before your eyes then be amazed at what happens next when he gives them suggestions to do the most outrageously funny things you can possibly imagine.   
Extreme Show Warning!!!
If you are ready for something totally over the top, then you are coming on the right night! This show will get wilder and wilder as the night goes on. In fact we can’t even write what happens during this event. Let’s just say that once the subjects on stage get hypnotized it is going to get very out of control and leave it at that.  

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Your sides will hurt from laughing so hard at this event. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Don’t miss this show!
What happens when you combine a professional touring comic with a stage hypnotist? You get an unforgettable night of laughter and amazement! While stand up comedy was always the passion, Bob became intrigued with Hypnosis after opening for a stage hypnotist show. The rest was history. He has built a Comedy Hypnosis show that will leave your sides hurting from laughter and you mind blown from seeing what your friends can do under hypnosis. It is a show you will come and see again and again so don’t miss it when it comes to your town!
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