Sherman Theater Presents

The Iron Roses

All Ages
Thursday, May 16
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
$15 in advance
$18 day of show
General Admission
Nathan Gray (They/Them) - Vocals Becky Fontaine (She/Her) - Vocals Philip "Eugenius" Smith (He/Him) - Guitar & Vocals Pedro Aida (He/Him) - Guitar & Backing Vocals Michael Espinosa (He/Him) - Bass & Backing Vocals Steve Cerri (He/Him) - Drums The Iron Roses are a passionate, unique, and beautiful group of people making music that we hope will change the world. Fueled by the injustices of our current times - their songs are the kind of protest anthems that only a group of seasoned musicians could make. Still angry, still driven, and still screaming – this is a band that will never give up the fight. It takes serious talent to write and sing songs that sound angry whilst the music lifts your spirits. So much of political punk is abrasive and unpleasant. No hooks. No melodies. But other times passionate and irate words sound incongruent with emotionless and insipid music. The Iron Roses manage something rare and commanding with music that lifts the heart coupled powerfully with lyrics that express fury and resentment of the current world. Punk as a genre has been so commodified and diluted over the last decades that it seems to be ever increasingly hard to find bands that resonate this way. That sing and play with such intensity that their authenticity cannot be questioned. That prove that true punk is alive and well and can have you dancing around your kitchen singing along at the top of your voice. Yes, we can discuss their pedigree, most notably their frontperson Nathan Gray (of Boysetsfire), and their relentless touring and political activism. But none of those things matter if the songs don’t connect with the listener. And this collection of songs are going to do just that. From the opening notes of the first song the cards are on the table. The objective is clear – The Iron Roses are putting to words and music all the thoughts you’ve had these last few dark years. With the worldwide political climate leaning further and further from the left. With rights for many being limited and destroyed. With no end in sight. We need bands like The Iron Roses giving us a soundtrack to fight. Songs to pour our anger and frustration into when we sing along - just as they did when they wrote and recorded them – and will be doing so from stage when they hit the road hard this autumn. The beauty of seeing these six individuals singing their truth is astounding. Watching them grow from strength to strength in the last few years it is unsurprising that this record is the outcome. They, and their songs, represent such power, love, and passion – something that we need more than ever in this world today.
Love changes. It changes whoever experiences it, but it also has its own powers of transformation. It can make or break days, even years, but above all, it makes our humanity known. Hit Like a Girl has been assessing the connections between love, loss, and what’s left since 2017. Anchored around frontperson Nicolle Maroulis, the New Jersey project has netted two full-length records, a close tether to Nicolle’s non-profit organization No More Dysphoria, and a steady stream of homegrown fans. Heart Racer, their third LP and first for Refresh Records (Downhaul, Junior Astronomers), sparked to life after a life-altering panic attack and rings with the revelations that came after, boosted by synth-pop and alt-rock textures. For those familiar with Hit Like a Girl’s confessional tone, anxious flutters of love and loss are neatly tucked into these arrangements. That being said, linking up with Alex Melendez at the Headroom Philadelphia has plussed up these familiar feelings. Self-doubt and self-actualization engage in a tug-of-war while surging with neon-bright focus on “Wanna Be Loved,” a raging synth-pop jam. The acoustic/electric yearning featured in so much of the band’s songbook returns on “Laundry List” and “Inside of My Head,” two percolating tracks about departure and despondence in long-distance relationships. All the while, features from Bartees Strange on the sleep-deprived “Monsters” and Kiley Lotz (Petal) longing through “Don’t Go Far”, as well as assists from Jer Berkin (Shay, The Sonder Bombs) and Jacob Blizard (Lucy Dacus), surround Maroulis with a sense of community Hit Like a Girl has always strived to maintain. What remains after the chaos now is calm. Written by James Cassar Current Contributing Tour Members Sean Bonney-Burrill - Guitar Nat Lopatine - Bass Nolee Morris - Drums
Blind Adam & The Federal League is: Adam Gogola - Vocals/Guitar • Alex Simotes - Bass/Vocals • Nick Cvijovic - Lead Guitar/Vocals • Athen Erbter Drums Founded in 2017 in Chicago, Blind Adam and the Federal League has developed into something of an anti-fascist punk rock family band. Founding members (Blind) Adam Gogola and Alex Simotes turned a handful of Adam’s acoustic demos into what would become the band’s self titled debut LP before playing a single show. By 2019 the band had played all over the midwest on regional tours, small festivals, and as support for Ben Nichols (Lucero), Ever Clear, Bowling for Soup, CJ Ramone, Dog Party, and more. After several lineup changes and a 7” on A-F Records, the band headed to Pittsburgh to record An Act of Desperation with Chris “2” Barker as producer/engineer. The plan was to release An Act of Desperation in early summer 2020 and spend the year on the road, but plans changed with Covid-19. The band quickly shifted gears to support mutual aid and survival programs, hosting a nine-week livestream series raising over $10,000 for community relief efforts. The band spent 2020 and 2021 in the streets in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter uprisings and mutual aid projects around Chicago. With the fall 2021 release of An Act of Desperation, the Federal League played a handful of shows around the midwest with bands like The Copyrights, The Dopamines, and The Eradicator. The Bouncing Souls invited the band to join their spring 2022 tour alongside Pkew Pkew Pkew, but Covid-19 cases forced both openers to cut the tour short. The band started 2023 in Asbury Park to record their third full-length album with Pete Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls. Later that year, the project was picked up by Bypolar Records and slated for a November 3 release. Blind Adam and the Federal League will once again play Fest in Gainsville just before then and hit the road with the Bouncing Souls in December.
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