Sherman Theater Presents


All Ages
Saturday, March 09
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm
$15 ADV
$18 DOS
General Admission
Emerging from the coveted Pennsylvania heavy metal music scene is UltraViolent - founded by current members Brett Anspach and Avery Levan. With explosive performances, anthem-like riffs and furious vocal styles, UltraViolent was a name that quickly attracted the eyes of anybody who came in contact with their musical proficiency. The band has been honing their craft for nearly a decade, as demonstrated on their self-produced 2019 debut concept album "Eviction", culminating in just over 250,000 listens to date across all streaming platforms organically. Eviction is a concept album that describes the timeline between the inception of humanity, our current state of society and its inevitable end - ultimately done by our own hand. The album single "Insult to Injury" managed to gather over 37k views and 200+ shares within the first two weeks. UltraViolent followed up their hit with a lyric video for “Hay in the Needlestack (feat. Merritt Frownfelter)”, reaching 15k views in a week. As a result of the album’s successful reception, UltraViolent signed with DI Records in early June of 2020. Despite dealing with a pandemic, member changes, relocating and much more, UltraViolent refuses to back down. The band has decided to independently release their highly anticipated follow-up to Eviction - the upcoming self-produced EP “Aftermath" - in 2024.
Blind Choice is an energetic, driven, original rock band that’s been established since 2017 based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Since the very beginning the guys are looking to inspire, yet challenge the music world with their mix of music genres that they all collectively bring to the table such as punk, hard rock, rap rock, electronic elements. The band has a hand full of national acts under their belt that they’ve opened up for and met such as Bowling For Soup, Puddle Of Mudd, Breaking Benjamin (Drummer, Shaun Foist), Diamanté, and Small Town Titans just to name a few. They have won multiple local music awards and accolades in the NEPA scene throughout the years, all while building a very loyal fan base. Whatever the future may hold for the band, they’ll be ready to go for any opportunity that may come as they continue their journey together creating and writing relatable music for the soul purpose and passion of connecting with their fans.
PathWeChoose brings back a melodic metalcore sound on top of deathcore inspired vocals. Hailing from Long Island, New York, and Pennsylvania. From throwing shows, To selling out shows across the tri-state area. We are trying to turn over the music scene and give the everyone more than just a show.. an experience they will never forget.
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